Day 6 July 9


Day 6 was our last normal day in the BVI which was pretty sad despite it being a pretty cool laid back day. Before getting into the day we had a night snorkel on day 5 which was a unique yet similar to the normal snorkels we had done prior. In the beginning of the snorkel we saw a very large tarpon which was swimming just above the ocean floor as nearly everybody was shining their flashlights near it and even guiding it. Later during the snorkel everybody covered their light by pointing it against their chest revealing the glowing of the bioluminescent phytoplankton floating around us. It surprisingly wasn’t as disorganized as I thought it would be with it being night time and over eighteen people snorkeling in a large herd. On the morning of day 6 we had breakfast at the Jasmine cabin with Casey bringing donuts for all of us. We started the day by cleaning a beach for our community service for the trip and I found some interesting things including a plastic bag of oranges and a pair of shoes. Once we finished at the beach we headed to the harbor where we had free time to shop at the Dive BVI store where I bought a Dive BVI tank top and a BVI sun visor. Immediately after shopping we had lunch at the restaurant in the harbor where we ate breakfast on day 1. After lunch we were given time in our cabin to take showers and prepare for the presentation of our research projects to the dive staff. We all had at least some nerves but we were all prepared and gave a great presentation where we were able to successfully answer every question that they asked us. Later in the day we mass at a church on top of a hill which gave a beautiful view of Virgin Gorda and the ocean from above. We finished the day with a fantastic Caribbean dinner at a restaurant built above of the Baths. We gave our last good byes to the dive staff and watched a video of our trip made by Casey which was emotional for everyone being able to relive our trip on screen and getting ready to return home. I truly want to thank Casey, the rest of the Dive BVI staff, and the teacher chaperones for making this trip happen and giving me one of the best experiences I have had in my live with some of my best friends, newly made friends, and the rest of my Jesuit brothers. I will cherish this experience forever and look forward to returning on a possible alumni trip or a vacation.