BVI Day 6


On the last day, we went to Soldier Bay to pick up trash along the rocks. In no time, we had many bags full of trash, with the bed of Casey’s truck filled. In the end, we filled up the bed three times with trash bags and larger pieces of trash. I was shocked at how people would just throw their trash onto the rocks, and at how much of it there was. Once it started raining, we left the bay and went to the marina to shop and eat lunch. We then went back to the cabins to present our projects and get ready for mass and dinner. Our presentation went really well, and we all felt good about the project. Before dinner, we had a very short mass in a church at the top of a hill, which overlooked the marina. It had one of the best views on the island, and we could see everything. When mass was over, we went to dinner at Coco Maya, where we had a Caribbean dinner. The ribs and chickens were amazing, and the view from the restaurant overlooked the ocean. After dinner, Casey showed a great video with pictures taken throughout the trip. I just want to thank Casey, and all the dive BVI staff for a great trip, and all the amazing dives and snorkeling activities scheduled. I also want to thank Ben, my dive master, for making me a better diver over the course of the trip, and for letting me drive the boat. I will always remember this trip and take many great memories with me from this awesome marine biology trip to the BVI.