Day Six in the BVI


My day 6 entry begins with the night dive of day 5. After dinner, we threw the frisbee until it was dark. We then were called over by the dive staff and got very powerful flashlights in order to see under water. I went with my good friend Luke Pryzizbilski. We first saw a lobster and a squid swimming around, looking for their next meal. We then saw a group of tarpon, hunting in the night. A tarpon has always been one of my favorite fish in which I would love to go fishing and studying these fish. We saw one of the tarpon break off from the group and eat a smaller fish. After swimming for another few minutes, we saw a barracuda sitting, also waiting for a meal. On our way back to the shore, we saw another lobster, a squid and a barracuda. We then returned our dive flashlights and returned to the cabin. The next morning, we got up and had our breakfast at the Jasmine Cabin with more cereal. For our first expedition, we went out to the north shore of the island and pick up trash fro about two hours. We then went back to the docks and shopped and ate fro about two hours. We then went back to our cabins to prepare for our final presentation. The presentation started at 2:00. My groups project was based on the quantitative relationship between the overall coral coverage with blue wrasse. We presented last so we didn’t get to go until about 4:00. After presenting, we went and got ready for church. We went to church in a small local church on top of one of the mountains. After the beautiful sermon, we went and had dinner at a nice buffet styled place where Casey put together a nice video of what we had done during the week. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and left in order to pack for the ride home.