Blog Entry: 9 July, 2016


Today’s blog, interestingly enough, begins by recounting the events of yesterday evening and everything after. After the highly anticipated beach cookout, which was delicious, we are embarked on a bold journey into the unknown in the form of a night snorkel. In the mere thirty minutes we were in the water, we saw a crocodile needlefish, two Spanish lobsters, a spiny lobster, a coral crab, three tarpon, a Caribbean reef squid that swam into me, a yellowmouth grouper, and a spotted scorpionfish. This morning, Casey was nice enough to bring us doughnuts before our service project, which involved cleaning up soldier beach. Surprisingly, the task was actually fun, although I witnessed firsthand what tropical sun can do to a tractor tire. The amount and variety of junk we found was both frustrating and somewhat amazing. Among the things we found were shoes, beer bottles, twenty year old propane tanks belonging to the Antilles Gas Corporation, electric fans, clay pots, and a dog carcass (sorry Amber). Our research presentation was met with positive reviews, including “excellent”-Casey, “very good”- Beth, and “elképesztö”-Zoltán. I wish I could say that today being our last day was bittersweet, but doing so would be dishonest because of how wonderful my experience was. I can unequivocally say that this was the best week of my life and I will never forget the wonderful time I had as long as I live.