Sixth Day in the BVI: Beach Cleaning


Today we woke up for a great doughnut breakfast. After our breakfast we headed to a beach opposite from Savannah Bay to clean up the beach. I found a large tire we removed from the beach. After a massive rain storm on the beach we went to the marina to go shopping. Then we went to eat lunch at Bath and Turtle, I ate a crab meat wrap. After we waited for our taxi to come we got back to the hotel. We had a couple of minutes to regroup and make sure our research projects were ready to go. After waiting our turn we presented our final research project and did a great job. Relieved of any work we had we took a satisfying walk back to our cabins knowing that we were done. Now we are all writing our blogs before an early dinner. We have a 5:30 wake up tomorrow for our flight so I can’t wait for that. This week has been tons of fun but also very draining, I think after this awesome week I will be ready for the feeling of my own bed.