Last night, we probably had the best dinner of the week. Casey and the BVI crew brought a grille and burgers and hot dogs and we had a cookout out on the beach. I had a cheeseburger with Funyuns and it was delicious, but Luke G. kind of ruined part of the dinner by knocking down all of the pickles onto the sand, so it was kind of a disappointment, but overall it was great. After dinner, the BVI crew led a night snorkel off the beach and I was debating on whether to do it or not, but my group and I decided to go back the WIFI room and finish our projects. In the back of my mind I was kind of regretting not doing the snorkel because it was going to be the last dive of the trip, but I felt a little better when Luke P. came in and told us that didn’t miss anything important.
    This morning was the time that our cabin, Jasmine, had to make breakfast. It probably was the best breakfast of the week because Casey also brought about 2 dozen donuts for everyone, so it was an amazing breakfast. We then went to do our service project on the other side of Savannah Bay to pick up trash in between the rocks and the sand. It was on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island so the waves were pretty big and their was a lot of trash to pick up. I felt good doing this because it made the island a little bit cleaner. We also found some weird things, like tires, gas tanks, and a lot of wood. It started to rain towards the end of it, so I took cover on the side of Beth’s car and I didn’t get wet at all so I felt pretty good not being wet like everyone else. 

    We then went to go eat at the Marina and went to go ship for a little. Before I ate, I bought a pretty cool BVI shirt and then I had a delicious cheese burger with fries. We then went back to the cabins to prepare for our presentations that we had to present in front of the BVI instructors and teachers. I was little nervous at first before going, but then I studied it through and I realized that I know everything I need to know to get a good grade. Our group was second to go and I think we didn’t a really good job, we answered all the questions they asked and said all the things we needed to say. We even made them laugh by adding in a squirrel on a fish at the end of our presentation because our presentation was about squirrelfish. Overall, I thought today was a pretty good way to end our trip at the BVI and I’m going to be pretty mad we have to leave tomorrow because of how awesome the trip was.