Day 6


Day 6 blog is going to start with last night with the night dive which I couldn’t go on. I didn’t go because me and Andrew needed to make our project presentation look nice and good for today. So I didn’t go on the snorkel and in the morning Casey brought doughnuts which were amazing. After breakfast we headed to soldier beach to clean it up as a service project. Once there we went down to the beach with big trash bags and started picking up a lot of trash. Everything from rope, shoes, bottles and a empty gas can it was crazy. I was then selected to go to the trash dump to put the bags in the dump. It wasn’t the prettiest sight in the world but hey at least we got the trash off the beach. After doing two more runs to the dump we headed back to do some shopping. I got a few shirts for me and my parents it was a great day. After shopping we headed back to the resort to shower. After a nice shower me and my group had to present first. I think it went well and ever sense that I’ve been taking a nap and listening to music. We are now about to head to church and dinner I wish this stay would never end.