Day 6


Today it was our turn to serve breakfast. Luckily though because we weren’t diving today we we able to sleep in and serve breakfast at 7:30 instead of 7:15. When breakfast was over we all loaded onto the taxi and headed to our service project. We drove to Soldier Bay to pick up trash and there was a lot! We picked up three truckloads of trash and in that I think we found three tires and two huge gas tanks. Then we headed to the marina for lunch and shopping. I bought a really funny CD called Boatsongs Collection Volume Two. We then headed back to our hotel to present our projects. My group was presenting second so I was nervous at first but I think our presentation went really well. We had no major slip ups and we answered all their question adequately. I’m writing my blood right after the presentation because we have a packed night. Soon after posting this we are going to mass and the to a farewell dinner. I’m really sad to have to leave but I’m glad that il, get to see my family.