Blog 6


Since we had a knight snorkel we had to cut it out of our blogs last knight since it was going to end late. Sadly since I had an ear infection I didn’t go on it to make my ear infection worse. Because I didn’t go on it me and my group, lil boat, had more time to work on our project. After I went to bed and woke up the next morning my ear infection was worse, but I powered through it. Our first daily activity was cleaning a beach so that no animals were harmed by the trash or chemicals the trash was releasing. Since we did such a good job we ended it early and went shopping at the dive BVI shop. I didn’t get anything since I had already bought a shirt. Next we had lunch at the same place that we had breakfast at on the first day. Next we went back to base camp to do our presentations. Lil boat group rocked our presentation and then payed our snack bills. As tonight will run late with mass and the BVI Dive good by dinner,so I will not be blogging about them