BVI Blog 5 Luke Lewis 


Today we are breakfast at the Lime cabin. We had an amazing and nutritious cereal buffet with a side of honey buns. After breakfast we all headed to the boats for two special dives. We planned to dive the RMS Rhone. Sadly when we arrived at the site, the current was too strong so we moved to another dive site called Wreck Alley. At Wreck Alley we saw a sunken tug boat and a capsized boat. We swam up and down the ships looking inside the port holes and we saw schools of fish inhabiting it. This was the deepest dive that we dove, I think we were around seventy feet. After we ran out of air, we headed to the surface, boarded the sea dragon and changed out our tanks. After this, we headed over to the RMS Rouge again to check and see if the current was doable. The current was slightly strong but we still dove deep down into the depths. We scoured the ship and it was significantly bigger than the previous boats. The RMS Rhone was a passenger ship and a mail ship sailing to St. Thomas but sadly during a hurricane it struck a rock and sank. Only one passenger by all the crew survived the sinking in the late 1800s. The ship exploded when it hit the rock and so the ship rests broken in two at the bottom of the ocean, similar to the way the titanic rests in the Northern Atlantic. Both ships were called “unsinkable” but they both perished so life lesson : don’t jinx yourself! After we ascended from the dive , we headed to cooper island for lunch ! I ordered a mahi mahi wrap with fries and licked an Oreo gelato. After we ate we walked around the island and took a group picture. Once we departed Cooper island, we headed to the grassy reef to snorkel. I saw three rays, a school of blue tang and multiple barracuda. The snorkel was fun and after I did flips with Davis, Teddy and Harrison off the back of the boat. After the snorkel we headed back to our main island of Tortola and we took a break. Later tonight we will be going night snorkeling and have a cook out ! How fun ! Today was really fun and exhausting as usual.
Yours truly , Luk Lewis