Fith Day in the BVI: Shipwrecks and Eagle Rays


Today woke up for our last two dives. We went to the lime tree room for breakfast. At 8 we arrived at the marina and got our gear together. After a 30 minute boat ride we arrived at the first dive site. We couldn’t dive there because of a strong current. We moved to the next available dive site named chip wreck ally. This is where 4 different boats were intentionally suck to provide an artificial reef. On this dive we descended to the ships at around 85 feet. Here we saw giant snapper and a few Barracuda. After exploring the submerged ships we saw a massive eagle ray flying towards the vessels. Then we explored the near by reef as we waited for our decompression stop. After this awesome dive we headed to our second dive site for the day. This was a crashed cruise liner from 120 years ago. On our boat we listened to the story of the ship and how all but one of the 300 passengers died as they were trapped in the hull. After this scary story we jumped in and descended on the wreck. We explored the different structures formed by the mangled boat and saw many interesting fish amongst the wreck. One of my favorites was a giant Barracuda hiding under the ships deck. After our exploration we ascended for our safety stop and saw another eagle Ray and a couple of sea turtles. This was a bitter sweet moment because it was our last dive but it was such a cool dive. Then we headed to cooper island for an amazing lunch I had conch fritters. After that we went to the near by beach to go snorkeling in the sea grass. There we saw tons of large Barracuda, tile fish and a large tarpon. After this we did some flips off of the boat them we headed back to the marina. Then we cleaned our equipment and went back to the hotel. We got cleaned up and started writing our blogs. Tonite we have dinner on the beach and have the night snorkel we are hoping to see some octopi later tonite.