BVi Blog 4 Luke Lewis 


After breakfast today, we headed to the boats once more to conduct further testing for our experiments. We tested at vanishing rock and ginger bay. Vanishing rock was by far the most interesting dive site I have been to on this trip. I regret that I didn’t bring my go pro but I will describe some of what I saw. The coral was vibrant with color, different species everywhere I Looked. Me and Davis stumbled upon some giant lobsters that must have been five feet long ( no exaggeration). Fish swam in greater numbers than most of the other dive sites and we saw a nerf shark Along with a sucker shark. This dive literally took my breath away. After vanishing rock, we headed to ginger bay. At Ginger Bay my group and I tested more stag horn coral for bleaching. I saw a few interesting shells and a couple sand dollars that I tried to pick up but they crumbled in my hand. After diving the sea monkey and sea dragon dive boats joined together once again to eat lunch that consisted of sandwiches and sun chips. I look a few pictures and then we headed out for a stag horn nursery cleaning dive. During this dive we spent 70 minutes at 25 ft cleaning stag horn coral and ridding it of the harmful Algae build up and growths. Following the cleaning dive we headed back to the island and on the way back Beth explained to me that the reason the islands are called The British Virgin Islands is because when the explorers first discovered the islands, they thought that the curves of the islands reminded them of the curves of a woman or a “Virgin”. For dinner, Casey made us spaghetti and meat balls. We ate them on the beach and watched the sunset. Also we swam and took artsy sunset pictures. After dinner, I took a shower and headed to the lounge to write this blog and here we are ! 
Yours truly, 
Luke Lewis