Day 5 July 8


Today was a very exciting day highlighted by the R.M.S. Rhone ship wreck dive. We started with breakfast at the Lime Tree cabin as it was their turn to serve the rest of the group. The first dive was an alternative site at Wreck Alley since the original site had too strong of a current the time to dive. This was a an artificial wreck that was sunk twenty years ago for the purpose of adding to the experience for divers in the area and to provide homes for various types of sea life. Throughout the dive a fairly large dog snapper kept following our group because it thought we were hunting for lion fish which would provide the snapper with food. Due to the tight spacing we didn’t get to swim through the ship on this dive but overall it was an interesting dive. With the current down from earlier that day we got to dive at the famous site where the R.M.S. Rhone Ship sunk in the late 1800s. In the briefing we were given the story on how it was sunk with details about the survivors and the captain who was flung overboard by the strong waves from one of the biggest hurricanes in BVI history. They warned us not to take any artifacts or items we found because the ghost of their previous owner would haunt us. We we got down the ship I saw a small school squirrel at the bottom staring at nothing which was a confusing yet interesting sight. Later we swam though the wreck where a giant school of bait fish occupied the inside and would move in coordination out of our way. We got to a section just outside of the ship with a site marker stating that this was a historical site and it had a rosary layed next to the sign. As we got further into the site my dive leader, Zoltan, pointed out a huge barracuda that swam across right behind me which was an amazing site. We also saw a sea horse with its tail curled around a piece of coral where our dive leader took a video of it as well as group picture near the creature. This was an overall amazing site and my personal favorite out of all the ones we’ve done. Later, we ate a delicious lunch at Cooper Island as well as gelato not for from the restaurant. This area had a beautiful view of the bay where we snorkeled across the sea grass when I spotted several sting ray and a giant school of blue tang. Overall this was a great day especially with the Rhone ship wreck dive and the stop and lunch at Cooper Island.