Day 5



Our lasts two dives were today and they were a great way to end off the trip! Originally we were gonna do two dives at a sunken ship called the R.M.S. Rhone but the current was to strong we wine back to the steps. I was very excited about going back to the steps because I really wanted to see the sharks again. We went deeper this time to to about 70ft and we saw a shark again it was great! We also saw two huge lobsters but those were nothing compared to the shark. After that dive the current had went down so we were able to dive the Rhone. The Rhone is a big sunken ship from the 1800s where all the passengers died except one. Our dive instructor Casey McNut told us that sunken ships can have negative and positive effects on the sea life. Some of the positives of positives are that the ships proved homes for sea creatures such a squirrel fish and octopus who use the wreckage as a home and the wreckage gives a growing for coral. On the other hand some negatives are that the wreckage can contaminant the wreckage and that the ship can crush existing coral. Never the less the dive was great I saw some lobsters, a school of squirrel fish and a baby flounder. The baby flounder was really cool because it was about 1cm longer and see through. After the dives we went to cooper island for lunch and I have some great idea cream while there. Shortly there after we went to a sea grass covered area to snorkel where I saw many sand tile fish. Sea grass is great for the ocean because the fish eat the tops of the grass so it won’t gross to tall and the sea grass also is a great place for nursing fish. Today was a great last day of dives.