BVI Day 5


Today I finally felt back to normal. After we woke up and went to breakfast, we boarded the boat for the last time on the trip to head out to the R.M.S. Rhone. At first, the currents were too strong to dive the Rhone, so we moved on to the shark dive from yesterday. We saw one nurse shark on this dive. Even though it was pretty small, it was really cool to say that I’ve seen a shark in person. When we finished this dive, we went back over to the Rhone, where the currents had died down from before. We then got a history lesson about the wreck, and only 22 crew members and 1 passenger survived. We ended up diving the stern of the ship, which had many different fish, a sea turtle, and some barracuda. The Rhone dive was probably the coolest dive of the trip. Later, we had lunch on Cooper Island, and the food was really good. We then got back on the boat and snorkeled over a patch of sea grass off of Cooper Island. This grass is good food for many juvenile fish, or sea turtles. On the snorkel, I saw a barracuda, two sting rays, tile fish, and a Samsung Galaxy S5. I had a great last day scuba diving, and will remember all the great memories I had diving this week.