Day 5 in the BVIs


Well, day 5 started early. Breakfast right outside the cabin was the best of the week(Of course because Lime House prepared it). Will and I placed the cereal boxes in a formation spelling out ‘Lime’ and we put the honey buns into a pyramid. Long story short, breakfast was legendary because of Lime’s incredible abilities. After breakfast we went to the boats to begin the day. Friday fun day was today so we were aiming to do the coolest dives of the week today. When we got to our dive location, the Rhone(a ship that sunk in the 1800s after a brutal storm), we realized that it was too choppy and that the current was too strong. This meant that we had to wait for the current to calm down so we went back to yesterday’s location. At the location from yesterday, we saw yet again another shark which was a little bit smaller than yesterday. Swimming with sharks doesn’t get any worse so the experience was just as incredible. Close to the end of the dive we saw a large barracuda that was dark in color along with a massive purple lobster. After thus we surfaced and we’re done. We wrapped this dive up and headed back to the Rhone for our second dive. This time the current had slowed just a little bit so we went for it. This dive was awesome because we saw a real ship that had sunken over 100 years ago. The ship was covered in algae and had thousands of fish scattered around it. The wreck killed 300+ passengers and only 22 crew members survived and 1 passenger. My favorite fish at this site was the snapper that we saw that was at least 3 feet long. It was a massive snapper and it was chasing another snapper that was decently big also! This dive concluded our week of dives which was sad but it didn’t conclude our day. Right after, we went to Cooper Island to have lunch on the beach. For lunch I had Conch Fritters and fries that was fantastic. The meal was great and the view was too! After lunch we snorkeled the area around cooper island. The area has a ton of flourishing sea grass that provides protection for small fish and creatures, similar to the mangrove trees. At this location I saw a large stingray and a ton of barracuda and one tarpon. Not only did I see a ton of small fish, but Andrew and I spotted a phone at the bottom of the water. We dove down and pulled up a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. It was a pretty interesting find and the phone is yet to turn on even though it’s supposed to be waterproof. Anyways, after cooper island snorkel we went back to the cabins and rested up for the night snorkel tonight. I can’t wait for tonight’s snorkel and dinner and another day of activity tomorrow