Day 5


Day 5 was great we had breakfast at my hut so we had to wake up extra early to set up. We had cereal which we arranged to spell lime because out hut is called lime tree and we also made pyramids of honey buns and yogurt. I personally think it looked great. After breakfast we went down to the boat dock and started to venture out to a ship wreck dive unfortunately the current was to strong so we couldn’t dive there. Instead of the wreck dive we headed back to the ginger steps which were just as amazing as yesterday. The shark was back on the reef and came a little closer to us today and me and John also messed with a giant lobster that was actually very friendly. The dive lasted about 45 minutes at a depth of around 60-65 feet it was terrific and filled with tarpon, squid, sharks and a cool grey angel fish. After that dive we headed back to the ship wreck dive and lucky the current died down and we could dive it. The RMS Rhone sank due to a awful hurricane in October of 1867 the dive was spectacular we got to see most of the ship and swim between the propeller and saw the lucky porthole. Sunken ships serve as a good and bad thing for the environment it can be good because it can provide space for animals to move into and have coral grow on it, but it is also a hazard because of pollution and can damage already existing environments. The wreck is said to have ghosts but I didn’t experience anything spooky other than the biggest snapper I’ve ever seen in my life. The Rhone dive is my favorite dive I’ve ever done and I wish I could back right now! After the Rhone we made way to cooper island which was a real treat the food was amazing I had a chicken Caesar salad that was to die for. Cooper island in itself was probably the nicest place anyone could vacation in the world and I highly recommend it. After cooper Island we headed to a sea grass field that was very cool because it is a healthy environment for the fish that still need to develop. After that snorkel we headed back home and we all helped clean the boats and fill tanks. Today was another great experience and basically solidified my passion to pursue marine biology and all its opportunities it can bring.