Blog 5 


The first dive we did today was an alternative dive since our first planned dive to the rhone was canceled. It was canceled because the currents were to strong. Instead we went back to the dive place yesterday where we saw sharks. But then for the second dive we went back to the rhone which is a ship reck. Ship reeks are good for reefs because they offer shelter for animals and a good surface for coral to live on. But they can be bad for coral reefs if they destroy a reef when sunken. If they also still have lead paint, gas, or oil still on them that could pollute the reef when sunk. After that we went to the Cooper Beach Club where we had a very fancy lunch. Then we snorkeled on the beach close to the beach club. This is where sea grass was. Sea grass is important for the environment because they have a symbiotic relationship with animals. The fish trim the sea grass keeping it at a good lengthy while the grass provides shelter and food for the fish.