Day 4


Today I woke up at 7:05 despite breakfast being at 7:15, giving me only 10 minutes to get ready. That wasn’t the best start to the day. The day could only get better from there and it did. We did more project dives today. Today for our project, my group and I had to find the fish population in a area with mostly column coral and an area with just sand. On our first dive we had troubles finding a suitable spot and eventually settled on a spot. We kept this data just in case we couldn’t find a better testable area for our project. On our second dive we went to Disappearing Rock. Named disappearing rock because the sharp tip of a steep underwater hill sticks up out of the water but then when a wave hits the tip it goes underwater completely. Zoltan parked the boat about 20 yards away then we all got in the water. We had to swim trough the current to the other side of the reef. We went down and found this massive group of column coral. It had over 50 sergeant majors in it and a grouper. On this dive I saw 8 small black triggerfish, 3 large snapper, 2 massive triggerfish, and many other fish. We then decided to do the other part of our project in a sandy area and only saw a small lizardfish. This dive was by far the best dive of this trip so far. We then ate lunch on the boat. We went to the boat dock and changed out our air tanks for our next dive. For our third dive we did coral nursery cleaning at the coral nursery. We got brushes and gloves and cleaned all of the algae and growths off of the coral trees. Overall today was a very great day and I enjoyed it throughly.