Day 4 in the BVIs


The fourth day was the best day yet and it was one to remember. Beginning with breakfast at Plum House, the day started with muffins cereal and yogurt again. Immediately after breakfast we headed to the bus to go to the dock. The planned dives for the day were for our research project and for coral nursery cleaning. The second part of our project required deeper depths so we went to max depths of 55 feet to record data for the second time. This dive was a success with 3 areas of recorded data. The greatest part of this dive was the squad of squid that we saw. There were about 12 squid swimming in a pack and it was really cool as I hadn’t ever seen something like that before. Because Andrew wasn’t feeling so swell, we had to head back to the island to drop him off :(. Because we completely finished our research on our first dive, our second dive of the day was able to be a fun dive. This dive was the best dive yet because we got to swim with a 4 ft reef shark. This was the most exciting experience yet because this is what I was hoping to do on the trip most. Because I was so excited to see the shark, I blew through my air trying to get pictures of it. So we eventually had to surface because we went a little to quick through our air. We had a long swim on the surface back to the boat but it was okay because of that shark we had just seen. After this awesome dive we caught up with Sea Dragon to have lunch on the water. Lunch was great as usual and then we continued our day shortly after. After lunch was the coral cleaning dive where we clean the staghorn coral nursery that Dive BVI shop has invested in. This was pretty interesting but it was exhausting as we cleaned algae and other poor growth that had happened on the coral. This concluded our day of dives and we headed back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. Spaghetti dinner topped off the day and brought an end to a great and exhausting day of dives. Tomorrow is going to be an even better day with our two ship wreck dives and then the night snorkel. Breakfast is served by my cabin tomorrow so that means early wake up to me! Another great day on the water comes to an end and I can’t wait for another!