Day four in the BVI


This morning might have been the hardest one to start from all the sun we have been getting and diving we have been doing. Our cabin, Plum, had to serve breakfast this morning. John Bowen and I got up and prepared cereal, muffins and oranges for the crew who arrived at 7:15. After breakfast, the bus arrived to take us down to the beach and docks. Today we had the last two dives to work on our project. We went down into a very healthy coral reef and did two tests that were very successful. On our next dive we only did one test and had the rest of the time to explore. The reef was very healthy so we saw many different predatory fish. We saw a nurse shark, a lion fish, a barracuda and four Giant Caribbean Spiny Lobster hanging out under a rock. When we went out, around a corner and saw hundreds of Sergeant Majors and Parrot Fish. We then made our way back to the boat where we saw a shark sucker which was deciding who he wanted to stick to in order to get the most food. Once on the boat, we drove over to another dive site for another group. Since we were done, we snorkeled and tried to find some sharks but didn’t see any. We then went to have some lunch with the other boat. After lunch, we went to a coral nursery in order to clean the staghorn coral. We cleaned the coral for about an hour then had to rise back to the surface. We then rode back to the dock and headed back home. We then worked on our project and threw the frisbee with Lucas Blac, Andrew Isbell, Mr. Marr and Sully Curry. We then had spaghetti for dinner and came back to write our blogs.