Day 4


In the morning the cabin Plum had to make breakfast and Teddy has set out the cereal boxes to spell Plum. As I got there though my hunger was overwhelming and I had no choice but to knock the boxes over in an attempt to grab a box. After that eventful breakfast my group and I finished gathering data for our project. The next dive is where the real fun began. We went to an reef call the steps. The dive instructors told us before getting in that we might see sharks and they were right! Almost immediately after getting to the sea floor we saw a reef shark. The reef shark were as interested in us as we were in them. We saw another one off in the distance and soon after we had two sharks circling us. When I stood very still the sharks would start to move closer. So I tired to stand as still as possible and when I did one of the sharks circle in arms length of me. When it was about to pass me a reached out and touched it and right after that I swam away, afraid of the sharks biting me. The next and final dive of the day we went to the coral nursery to clean it. It was decently fun besides the tiny shrimp who kept stinging me. Every time I would brush off the coral it the shrimp would fly off and sting be. It was very upsetting. To end the day off we had sum getti.