My first 3 blogs 


For the first day of marine biology we woke up at 7 and went to a cafe near where our boat was for breakfast. Then when we finished we went on our first dive to redo some diving skills. Our second dive was to identify as much fish as possible. Then we went to lunch at a beach and after that we went on a snorkel trip to the bathes. That was the last activity for the day so then we had dinner and made plans for our experiment.  
We started off the day with a wonderful breakfast at the teaches huts. Once we stuffed our selves full the sea monkey boat group went to go catch turtles… Sadly no one in the sea monkey group got a turtle. Next we went to eat lunch at a local cafe by the dock that had very good food. For our next activity the sea monkey group went to go snorkel for non fish reef organisms. We found a lettuce slug, hard rock sea urchin, and my favorite the large hermit crab. For each of these animals we discussed where they lived. After the snorkel we headed back to base camp to play beech games to earn a 50$ gift card to the dive shop. Sadly my group didn’t win but it was fun, and dinner was great after since it was on the beech. 

We had a very musical breakfast with Luke bumping his toons.  After this musical breakfast we headed off to the sea to do our data dives.  With the lil boat team working fast, we were able to get the results we wanted in fast time.  After the two data dives we went to the mangroves, but before that we had lunch.  For lunch we had good old fashioned cold cuts.  The mangroves are important to the environment because they offer shelter to baby fishes and small organisms.  Me and Conner got separated from the group so we went trash diving, and I found half of a plate so that then we had a layer back beach dinner so we could catch some sleep.