Blog 4 


The day started off with plum serving breakfast in fashion with Teddy setting the cereal boxes in the word formation plum.  After the fashionable breakfast lil boat group went to to our last study dive.  We got the results that we wanted which was nice and since we were done with our study dives lil boat group was able to go on a fun dive.  On this fun dive we saw reef sharks.  After the exciting shark citing we had cold cuts for lunch and then we’re on to our next dive.  Our next dive was for us to clean off corals in a nursery.  We had to do this because algae can actually kill coral and also clams latch on which can also kill coral.  Next we went home and had time to work on our project.  Lastly the whole BVI team had dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, which has been the best by far. Then to end the knight me and a couple of other guys played some knight frizz.