Fourth Day in the BVI: Nurse Sharks and Coral Farms


Today we woke up and ate another muffin breakfast. We boarded our bus to head down to the marina. We washed off our scuba gear loaded 3 tanks for the day and head off to our first dive site. At the first dive site we conducted our final two research experiments and was greeted by a 4 foot long barracuda swimming through the soft coral. After this dive we quickly packed up and headed to our second dive site. This was one of my favorite dive sites because we saw a cave full of lobster a large nurse shark some reef squid a really cool trigger fish and a giant shark sucker that followed pus around for the whole dive. After that awesome dive we found the other dive boat and got out to snorkel while they were finishing up their dives. Then we joined the two boats for lunch. After a great peanut and butter sandwich we got the briefing for the coral restoration dive. We then headed to the other side of the island for the coral farm. We jumped down for a loud shallow dive cleaning off the racks of farmed coral. After cleaning two racks of coral and plenty of stings from the crustaceans on the pipes we boarded the dive boats. When we got back to the hotel we showered up and got with our groups to finalize the research projects. After pasta on the beach we got back in the wifi room to write another blog listening to another one bites the dust as a commemoration to those lost from sea sickness today. Tomorrow we will do 2 90 foot dives exploring a ship wreck and a cool reef snorkel.