Marine Biology, Blog #4


Today we started with breakfast in Plum cabin. We then went to the docks to prepare for the long day ahead of us. As we got to the boat, I learned that today would be a three dive day. Two dives before lunch and one after lunch would be very tiresome. Our first dive was when my group was searching for pillar coral to conduct our studies. We found an okay area but it wasn’t optimal for the experiment. Along the way though, we saw a Lion Fish which was really cool and unexpected. The best part of my day though was when we did our second dive at Vanishing Rock. This dive site consisted of a rock that went away when the waves hit it surrounded with a lush coral reef. This was one of my most favorite dives because we found the pillar coral which was surrounded by sixty plus sergeant majors. I thought this was really cool because I have never seen that many fish in one place before. We also saw a massive snapper by the reef as well. We then went on a brief snorkel at Ginger Steps before lunch. For lunch we docked with Sea Monkey to eat. For the third dive, we went to the coral nursery to clean the staghorn corals. Davis and I were assigned to the first coral tree to clean the algae of off it. On it we saw clams and a lot of algae. After cleaning it, we played around underwater until the dive was over. This dive was special because it was my longest recorded dive at seventy minutes. After that it was around 4:30 so we rested and then had spaghetti for dinner at the beach. Now I am going to sleep so that I’m ready for tomorrow.