Day 3



Today we woke up around 6:30, ate breakfast, then went diving. Today we did our project dives. In the morning it was very cloudy and looked like it might rain. The water was very choppy and our boat had trouble finding a dive site without too much current. We finally stopped at a dive site for our project dive. The water was about 25 feet deep at this site and was mostly covered with soft corals. For our project we set up the perimeter around an area with a high percentage of soft coral and counted the number of fish in the perimeter. After we did everything for our project we got to just tour around the area. During this we saw a large school of reef squid. I had never seen a squid in the wild before this dive and it was a great experience getting to see them. After this we went to another area to do our second project dive. This area was almost completely covered with staghorn making it a great site for us to see the fish population around branching corals. We did our project and then roamed around the area. We saw a small grouper and a lot of blue chromis. After that dive we went and at lunch on the boat with the Sea Monkey. Once whe finished lunch we swam around for about 15 minutes. We went snorkeling in the mangroves after lunch. In the mangroves there were millions of minnows everywhere. While snorkeling I got to see a small barracuda feeding on the small minnows. This was awesome to get to see this. I had never seen fish feeding on other fish before. I also got to see a larger barracuda slowly swimming in the distance and multiple sponges. We then returned to the houses and had dinner at the beach around 7. Overall the day was another great day.