BVI Blog Day 3 Luke Lewis 


Today I woke up bright and early once again, The alarm pounded through my brain and my body felt extremely exhausted. Other than that, the morning was nice and pleasant. My cabin being Mango was responsible for preparing breakfast. My cabin mates (Anthony, Davis, Joe and Harrison ) and I , fed the rest of the group fresh muffins and cereal to energize them for the day. After our breakfast, everyone headed to the boats to go diving. At this point, me and my group members had organized our marine biology projects that we must conduct while diving and discussed them with our dive leader, Zoltan . Our project will test to see if different amounts of coral bleaching effect the numerical population of Blue Tang, Angel Fish and Parrot Fish within the area of Stag Horn coral. We counted the amounts of these three species of fish within two out of three areas that we needed to collect data from. We counted the stated fish in areas with minimal bleaching and approximately 50% bleaching. We still need to count fish in areas with extreme bleaching. After our two tank dives, the Sea Dragon and Sea Monkey tied to each other to join the boats so what we all could take a quick lunch break. After our lunch but before our departure, we all swam around and took some pictures. Once lunch commenced, we headed over to the Man Groves !!! At the man groves we saw lots of different sea creatures such as but not limited to the porcupine fish, barracuda and sea cucumber. I learned that sea cucumbers excrete their intestines as a defense mechanism to scare away predators, cool right ?! When we were fishing up our time at the nam groves, I accidentally dropped my go pro. As it sank to the bottom I could not see it or locate it but thank the lord that Davis was there and he swam down and caught it or else I would have no under water videos, how sad that would that have been !? Very. Once all of us divers climbed back into the boat we headed back to the island. Once back, everyone collected into their groups to discuss the projects further and analyze our data. After analyzing our data and a quick break, we all headed over to the beach for pulled pork sandwiches. Yummy !! Since I forgot my sunglasses the previous day on the boat I had to impersonate Mrs. Bramlett. It was really fun and she laughed 🙂 after that we all headed to the commissary office to connect to wifi and share our stories. That’s what happened today ! 😀 hope you enjoyed ! 
Yours truly, Luke