Day Three in the BVI


After the activities of day two, we were all tired and wanted to sleep in, but the day had to begin. We got up and had breakfast at the Mango Cabin where they prepared a delicious cereal and muffin breakfast. After eating breakfast we set out to sea to start our project dives. On our first dive, we all started off a little sick but decided to go on. We went down to where we saw the fish we were looking for, and set up our test. We are trying to test if the number of blue head wrasse effects the coral health. We did this test three different times on two separate dives. I also saw one of my favorite fish, the queen angel fish. In between the two dives, we ate PB&J’s on the boats. After our dives we went to a place called the mangroves. This is where tree roots come out of the ground and into the water, making a great place for baby fish to live. While snorkeling throughout the shallow waters, we saw small barracuda, sea cucumbers and a giant porcupine fish. Then, when we turned around, the dive masters said “race to the boat in 3, 2, 1, GO!”. We were all caught off guard but then just began to swim. Sea Dragon as in the lead but Sea Monkey came out of no where and won the race.  

We then came back to the island where we worked on our project for about an hour, then we went down to the beach where I swam and threw the frisby with Mr. Marr, Zach Harry, John Bowen, Luke Pryzibilski and Lucas Blacc. We threw the frisby for about 30 minutes then had an awesome BBQ dinner prepared by Casey. It was the best meal we have had this entire trip. After eating, we went back up to the cabins and began writing our blogs form the day.