BVI Day 3


For me, today didn’t go so good. After breakfast at the Mango cabin, we got on the taxi and drove to the marina to board the boat. When we got to our destination in the ocean, we got our gear together to start our project. Once we geared up, we jumped in the water and began to descend. All was well until my right ear began to hurt at around 17-20 feet underwater. I tried going a farther up and equalizing, but I was still unable to clear my right ear. Eventually, I was able to stay down far enough to help on the project, but couldn’t go all the way down to the coral reef. After the first dive, my ears still hurt and my head began hurting as well, so I sat out the second dive with Zach, whose head also hurt. We both took naps on the boat while the rest of the group went on the second dive. When they got back, we met with the other boat to eat sandwiches for lunch, and drove to a site with mangroves. I had to sit this one out too because my head was still hurting and I had a stuffy nose. After the group snorkeled, we went back to the cabins to relax before dinner. Casey and Jeff made pulled pork sandwiches with pasta salad, and the dinner tasted great.