Day 3


Day three has been just as amazing as every other day. This morning was a rough start the alarm was slept through by me and that meant we got to breakfast late. The breakfast was good just cereal and muffins. After breakfast we headed to the doc to get with our dive instructors. Ben our instructor helped us get ready for our project which is to figure out what depth parrot fish more often swim at. The dive spot today was beautiful with all most a hundred percent coral coverage and with many types of beautiful fish. We started the experiment and it was rough we didn’t see very many fish so we gave up and swam around the beautiful coral just looking at fish. It was all great until the ascent my head started to really hurt and I couldn’t dive on our second dive because of it. Then the day got a little worse I guess my migraine like head ache made me sea sick and let’s just say a lot of fish got fed. After my quick power nap I felt a little better and we had lunch which was sandwiches. We then went to the man groves and saw many small fish seeking shelter in then roots of the plants because there we a few barracuda waiting to eat them. We then had a competition to swim back to the boat and not to brag but I won by a lot. After that we headed home and I got to drive the boat for a while which was very fun and one back we got to work on our projects for or presentation on Saturday. The day ended with a great dinner made by Casey pulled pork sandwiches which were delicious. The day today was all about pushing through tough times and making new friends I love it down here and have made some good friends in the mean time I wish this week would never end.