Marine Biology, Blog #3


We started our day by eating breakfast in mango cabin. Then we got on Glen’s taxi and headed to the marina. All of our dives today were scheduled to be research dives and we went out to do our dives. The first two locations we went to had a strong current so we couldn’t dive them but the third we did. On the first dive we had good results, I also spotted two rare adult filefish. Although that was cool, we got to see something more special, we saw a large pod of more than forty reef squid swimming together. This was really cool because I have never seen that many squids before in my entire life. The second dive we had was very routine besides the fact that I saw a couple of squids. After the dive we found Sea Monkey, connected boats, and ate lunch. After that we went to the most northern tip of Virgin Gorda, passing Necar Island, to snorkel around the mangroves on Gorda. This was especially cool because Harrison, Davis, and I went ahead of the pack and saw many baby animals in the safety of the mangroves. Between the roots of the trees I saw many small bait fish, 3 juvenile barracuda, and a massive, I kid you not, basketball sized puffer fish with a happy smile and wide eyes. That was defiantly the highlight of the day. As we continued down to the end of the mangrove system,the three of us came across what looked like a moving coral, one after another until they were everywhere. These corals looked like flowers and we were hovering over them by about six inches when we realized that they weren’t coral but large jellyfish that thrive in the shallow ends of mangroves upside down so that they can capture prey. This was very scary buts also very cool and vital to the day. After we, of course, raced back to the boats, which we lost, but sometimes we have to give a win to the other side. After that we came back for dinner and we had pulled pork and pasta salad on the beach. As the sun set we played frisbee and had a great time.