Day 2


Today was another great day in the British Virgin Islands. Today in the morning my boat went to do invertebrate studies while the other boat went to do turtle tagging. For invertebrate studies we went to Savannah Bay beach. This beach had perfectly clear water and reefs just right of the shoreline. We saw lettuce sea slugs, rock boaring sea urchins, a cone snail, and a giant hermit crab. While snorkeling around Savannah Bay I also saw quite a few lizardfish and small tangs. After that we went and ate lunch at the place we had breakfast day 1. After lunch the Sea Dragon went turtle tagging. After snorkeling around a while and chasing the turtles unsuccessfully, Dawson caught a green sea turtle. He brought it on the boat and they checked the tag and recorded the data for the turtle. It was amazing to get to touch and see a sea turtle up close. After that we went down to the beach and did the battle for the beach between all the cabins. My cabin, lime tree, won the first challenge which was a water ballon challenge. We got third on the second, first on the third challenge, and second on the fourth challenge. We made it to the finals and club lime pulled through with the win. Overall today was a great day.