BVI Blog 2 Luke Lewis 


Today was a good day. We woke up bright and early then headed over to Hibiscus cabin for breakfast. Once we were fed, group Sea Dragon ( the one that I am in) headed to the tide pools to snorkel and catch small sea creatures. We found a giant hermit crab and a few r After we snorkeled for the better part of an hour, we decided to take some group photos that I will provide below. After that we ate lunch in the guava berry cafe and then headed out to capture some sea turtles. Group Sea Monkey had just returned form attempting to capture a sea turtle but they were unsuccessful. Personally, once we arrived at the sea turtle lagoon, I almost caught two turtles but they always managed to escape my grip. Despite my frustration from not catching a turtle myself, Dawson in our group was successful. He wrestled the sea turtle and dragged it to the boat. Everyone crowded around and we looked at the turtle as it squirmed and gasped. I took a few videos and pictures that I will provide below. After we successfully captured a turtle we returned to the island and took a short break. Once the break ended, we traveled to the beach for the beach games and dinner. I forgot my go pro case on the boat so in danced to bang bang in order to get it back with two other Luke’s who also forgot their things. I’m sorry that my post might not be as energetic as yesterday’s but it is solely because I’m am so tired from all our activities ! And the sunYou’re truly, Luke Lewis ​
Pics below … Enjoy 🙂 remember to tag me in all posts 😉