Day Two


Today began with delicious sausage and eggs prepared by the teachers. Around eight o’clock, the group traveled down to the commissary for a brief lecture on the history of sea turtle conservation and protection given by the brilliant Dr. Gore. The Sea Monkey crew left to try to catch turtles first while our far superior group, set out to collect and study invertebrates in Savannah Bay. During the first snorkel, our group managed to capture several lettuce slugs, sea snails, and a giant hermit crab. Once we finished, we travelled back to the main docks to eat lunch, I had a pretty spectacular sandwich wrap, and to prepare for our turtle captures. 
We set out for Little Dix Bay on a mission, to haul in and tag a juvenile turtle. As the boat pulled into the bay, I immediately spotted two small green turtles. This was going to be easy, or so I thought. I hit the water and started scanning my surroundings, no turtle in sight. I spent almost thirty minutes searching, only finding a couple of sting rays. I had lost all hope. Defeated, I began swimming back to the boat when a majestic green turtle soared across my face. I slowly stalked the innocent reptile, patiently waiting to strike. I was within arms reach, ready to begin the rodeo, when it sensed me. With two powerful strokes, it was out of sight. Eventually, Dawson managed to wrestle one to the surface, and we brought it to the boat. Never before seeing a turtle tagging before, the entire process fascinated me. We measured and recorded the lengths of the plastron, head, tail, and the carapace. Having successfully tagged a turtle, we returned to the docks as champions. 
To conclude the day, we competed in the House Games back at the Guavaberry beach. My house, Plum, gave all we had, but fell short of the prize. Staying positive, we decided to play in the water to wash away the tragic defeat. As the sun set on such an eventful day, I sat in the water, playing frisbee with Dr. Kirby and Mr. Marr, two spectacular frisbee players. After sundown, the group settled down for lasagna and lemonade, day three had come to a close.