BVI Day Two


The second day of the trip started off fast with a great breakfast prepared for us by the Jesuit Faculty. Mr. Kirby made his own family recipe of eggs, sausage and cheese. After breakfast, the Jesuit crew split into two teams, Sea Monkey and Sea Dragon. My group, Sea Dragon, went to go and look at invertebrates while we snorkeled on the other side of the island. We ventured around a small set of coral reefs. We found sea slugs, urchins and a giant hermit crab. The Sea Monkey team went to go and tag sea turtles to help the A.R.K. with turtle studies and preservation. They came back empty handed and tired but said the turtles were amazing to see. After both groups returned, we had lunch and switched. Sea Monkey went to the beach and saw giant sea cucumber, sea urchins and brittle stars. Sea Dragons then went to a small bay and looked for sea turtles. I looked with Evan Osherwitz for turtles for about 45 minutes. Then, we found one. We chased it for 30 minutes with many different trial and errors on catching it. Then, right as I was about to give up, the turtle swam directly beneath me, so I dove under and, grabbed the turtle and brought it back to the surface. Once I got it to the boat, we started measuring and tagging the turtle. We went over many different reasons why they do what they do. To end our day we finish with the house games, battle for the beach. Our house started off very weak with a third place finish in the water balloon dodge ball game, a second place finish in pictionary and a last place finish in putting on gear. We ended up with a miracle win in a blind diver race and made it into the final round. We ended up loosing but we put up a fight. We had a great lasagna for our dinner and finally went back up to our cabin to write the blogs for the day.