BVI Day 2


The second day in the BVI continued to bring many adventures and excitement. After breakfast at the teacher’s cabin and a presentation on the history of sea turtles, we headed to the marina to load up the boat. We then headed to Little Dix Bay in order to try and catch and tag a sea turtle. After chasing a couple for at least 10 minutes, we were unfortunately unable to get one. We did see some pretty cool sting rays and barracuda though while snorkeling. Once everyone got back on the boat, we headed back to the marina to dock the boat and grab some lunch. When we were finished eating, we switched with the other group and went to a Savanna Beach to look for crustaceans and explore the coral reefs there. Many different types of fish, crabs, and sea urchins lived in the reef, swimming around looking for food and algae to eat. We than left the beach and went back to our cabins for a little break before we started the house games on the beach. The house games were extremely competitive with 4 events, and the two houses with the most points moving onto the final obstacle course. My house, Plum, went on a comeback when Dawson got us ten points on the blind obstacle course. These points got us into the finals, where we started out with a huge lead until John couldn’t find a certain type of shell fast enough. Even though we didn’t come in first, we still had a good time competing. For dinner, we had lasagna and garlic bread, and got to watch three people dance for things they lost earlier in the day. Today was a blast again and can’t wait to dive tomorrow.