Day 2


First Dr.Gore gave us a presentation on sea turtles in preparation for the turtle tagging that we were about to do. After the presentation we headed to a bay to try to tag turtles. To tag the turtles we first had to catch them which is a lot harder then it sounds. We were so close to catching one but when I dove down to grab it the turtle sped off. After we stopped tagging turtles Dr.Gore gave us a great piece of advice. It was to rub sand on your rash if you touch fire coral. As it turned out someone in our group and touched fire coral and used that method successfully. Next we went to a different reef to gather creatures to identify. One of the most interesting creatures was the donkey dung sea cucumber (no joke) which could deflate and inflate by gathering water. Another creature was a sea pearl which is a single called organism even though it was the size of a grape! After those two snorkel trips we went to the Guavaberry beach to play games. My cabin lost the all partially due to us only having three members but besides that it was a blast! This day was long but very fun and knowledgable.