Marine Bilogy, Blog #2


Today was an a very good day for me, my boat, and my cabin. First, we kicked off the day with breakfast at the teachers cabins. After that, we got to listen to a presentation about sea turtles and tagging them. Shortly after that we were loaded our stuff onto Glen, our drivers, bus. Our boat, Sea Dragon was sent to Savannah Bay first to find invertebrates and put them in a touch tank to learn about them. We caught one of my favorite species, the lettuce slug and a venomous cone snail that shoots harpoons. After that we had lunch at the restaurant right by the dive shop. For the rest of the afternoon, we switched with sea monkey and went turtle tagging. After learning that sea monkey had caught no turtles, we were hyped up because we knew that if we wanted to beat them, we at least had to catch one turtle. We snorkeled for about thirty minutes until Dawson, one of the members of my boat, lifted a massive sixty pound green sea turtle out of the water. Since it was missing a tag on one side, it was fair game for naming it. During our debate, we came up with names like Dragon, Kimbo, Dat Boi, and Quavo. But we all decided to name it Dawson, after the man that caught it. Just by that small victory, we earned bragging rights among the other boat and got to eat dinner first. After that, we returned to the hotel and prepared for the cabin games. We played dodge ball, pictionary, a collection game, and a game where someone had to wear a blacked out mask and someone else had to guide them. The two teams with the most points would go to the final, they were plum cabin and lime cabin, which was my cabin. After the obstacle course, my cabin emerged victorious. And with that, we won a fifty dollar gift card to the dive shop. I didn’t expect us to win but we did. After that we choked down on some lasagne and retreated to our cabins for the night.