Day 2


Day 2 summed up in one word would be exhausting, exhausting because of how much fun we were having and physical work we did. The day started off early again for breakfast at the teachers house for some nice scrambled eggs and honeybuns( also know as diabetes in a bag according to our group). As we wrapped up breakfast we headed to the boat doc where we were briefed on the day. Our start was to try to catch sea turtles and tag them. It was very difficult I learned sea turtles are no joke and can swim very fast and wear you out. Even though we did not catch a sea turtle I’ll always have the memory of hitting fire coral today in the process it was not a pleasant experience at all. The pain was lifted when my turtle instructor told me to rub sand on it for a while and it actually brought all the pain away. The pain might be gone but I am now extra careful when swimming because you’ll never know when you could hit it again. After our failed attempt to catch a sea turtle we made our way back to port for lunch. Nothing special just a burger and fries but it was just the fuel we needed to keep the day going. We then went to probably the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to in my life and probably ever will go to. The water was perfect and you could see the other islands and mountains every where you looked it was truly amazing. But the point of this trip to the beach was to catch animals that lived in the ocean. I personally did not catch anything but our group managed to get a giant hermit crab, sea urchins, a sea cucumber, sea stars, crabs, and snails. The animals were all unique in their own way wether it was from the urchins moving their spines or the sea stars climbing around it was all very interesting. After we learned about anatomy and general facts about the animals we headed home to the beach by our houses. Once there we started the annual battle for the beach it was house against house for the grand prize of 50 dollars each to the winning house. There were many events from water balloon fights to a relay race to a blind fold race. In the end you tallied up all the points to get the top two houses. My house finished first going into the last event, the relay. The relay was a big obstacle course that you had to run swim and roll in. It was very fun and my house ended up being the winners which is a huge bonus. After the battle for the beach we had lasagna night which was as good as it sounds. The dinner for day two was a great way to polish off a great and exhausting day, but I can’t wait to see what’s to come tomorrow.