On day two at the British Virgin Islands, we began the day with a presentation of sea turtles and how to tag them. During the presentation presented by Shannon Gore, I got to learn more about sea turtles, where they go, and how they are becoming endangered. The presentation was very insightful and because of the presentation I got to know how to catch the sea turtles when tagging them. In order to catch a sea turtle, you have to grasp the top and bottom of the shell and pull it to surface so you can tag it. Even though I learned the proper way to catch them it didn’t do much good because when Dr. Gore took us out to the bay so we could catch them, it was almost impossible to do because of how fast they swim. My group and I snorkeled around the bay for about 2 hours and although I saw 3 sea turtles, I never came close to catching one. After we finished trying to tag turtles, Cassie took us to another part of the island to Savannah Beach where we snorkeled around trying to find sea creatures that are not fish. I saw a lot of cool sea urchins, coral reefs, and fishes around the beach and after a couple of hours of snorkeling around the beach, we got out and learned about sea urchins, giant hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, etc. I leaned where these creatures are located, what they eat, and what habit they live in. The most interesting creature I learned was sea urchins and how they don’t really hurt when you pick them up and how they eat of algae to survive in the ocean. Also I learned how sea cucumbers squeeze out some kind of juice when rubbing their stomach. The last part of the day was the beach games with all of the cabins. This part of the day was probably the best because I had a good time and it was really fun. Although we didn’t win, I still enjoyed the the competition because the games we did were really enjoyable and fun to watch.