Second Day in the BVI: Turtle Tagging and Snorkeling


Another 6:45 wake up to go get breakfast. We headed to the teachers cabin for muffins and amazing eggs and sausage. After a quick meeting we headed de down to the office for a lesson on sea turtles. After this we split into 2 groups my group first went snorkeling for invertebrates. After finding a collection of slugs snails and crabs we opened the invertebrates book to identify and learn more about the species we captured. During this snorkel Davis and I encountered a school of 12 reef squid darting amongst the current. After this amazing find we all head back to get in the but and head for lunch. After lunch our group headed out for sea turtle tagging. Being the only group that successfully caught one we had newfound bragging rights in the sea monkey vs sea dragon competition. While on the hunt Will and I stumbled across a reef shark swimming along a rock wall. After our successful hunt we joined the other on our hotel beach for cabin vs cabin beach games. It was a close on but the blind snorkel put us in 3rd place. After an hour or so of messing around in the surf we enjoyed some great lasagna. I can hardly wait for the dives we have planned for tomorrow.