Marine Bio 2: Aquatic Boogaloo; Day 1


My second trip to the British Virgin Islands began as I could hope for. Although the journey to the island was mostly waiting in planes and airports, I was in good company, and found no shortage of entertainment. When we made it through customs, I felt a sense of deja vu as we ate pizza on a boat as it headed toward the Guava Berry Vacation Homes. I soon settled into my home for the next week: house Lime Tree. Falling asleep that night was certainly not a problem. 

The next day was kicked of with a delicious breakfast at the marina, after which we were seperated onto two boats. Once I was placed on the best boat by far, the Sea Dragon, we were further split into smaller diving groups. As we sped away from the docks, one of us spotted a sea turtle swimming near the boat. I took the sight as a good omen.  Soon after, our glorious leader Becca lead my group down on our first dive. There, we tested valuable diving skills to ensure our safety for the rest of the trip.