BVI Day 1


After a long day traveling and a good nights sleep, our cabin woke up early in the morning to get ready for the day. We got dressed and got on our taxi, which took us to breakfast at a little café near the dock. Once we finished breakfast, we were fitted for our gear and boarded the boat. Our first dive was on the George Dog island. This was our orientation dive where we went through a few diving skills such as clearing our mask and recovering our regulator. After we completed the skills, we went on a swim near the boat, and we saw many different species of fish and marine wildlife, including an eel, wrasse, and French angelfish. We then surfaced and got back on the boat to move to a different dive site. For our second dive of the day, we went to Great Dog island. At Great Dog, we did the chimney dive. This was the coolest dive of the day because the “chimney” was a little underwater cave that was carved out by the ocean currents. In the chimney, there were many fish on the walls of the cave and the top of it too. On the same dive we saw a stingray, but it was too far for us to swim too. After the two dives, we had lunch on the beach and snorkeled to the Baths. We had the chance to walk through the Baths and learn a little about their history. When we finished our little hike, we snorkeled from the Baths to the beach next to Guavaberry Resort, which is where we are staying during our time in the BVI. I had a great time today, and I’m looking forward to turtle tagging tomorrow. Hopefully we can catch a few! Happy 4th of July ‘Merica. (Sky’s Out, Thighs Out)