Day 1


Today was a great start to the week. We started off the day by waking up at 6:00 am. We then had a very good breakfast at a restaurant by the boats. We had a nice boat ride to our first dive site despite my hat flying off into the ocean. Our first dive, at George Dog, was a checkout dive and to just get used to diving again. In the beginning of the dive we saw some longfin squirrelfish and blue tangs. We also came across about 20 garden eels, which is something I’ve never seen before and it was very cool to see. Towards the end of the dive we saw some nice large parrotfish. We then drove to anther dive site called the chimney. It’s called the chimney because at one area it has a chimney rock structure in it which you can swim trough. On this dive we saw a lot of cool looking corals and tons of fish. We saw about 3 different species of parrotfish on the dive. We also saw a very large French angelfish, some bar jacks, a few different shrimp species, and a small grouper. After this we went to the beach at Guavaberry Springs Bay to go snorkeling to the Baths. On the way I saw a few schools of fish, a lot of urchins, and large snapper. Once we got to the Baths we walked around in them. Beth and Becca thought us about the Baths and waked us though it. Going through the Baths was a very fun experience. After the Baths we got to go snorkeling around in a small inlet. During this I got to see a lizardfish, a fire worm, and a trunkfish. Snorkeling back to the beach from the Baths was very tiring but it was still very fun. Then after that we all got to go to our houses and shower and have free time. Overall today was an amazing. I’d like to thank the Dive BVI staff for making today so fun and enjoyable.