BVI Day 1


     It had been a long day of traveling; 2 flights, a long layover in Puerto Rico, and minimal good food in the airports. After being greeted by Casey and Jeff on their boat(with pizza), we arrived on the island, found our cabins, and hit the sack. After a good night’s sleep, the day started quickly. After rising at 6:15 to the sound of a hen and her chicks strutting outside my window, we took the cab to the docks. There, we ate a good breakfast and met our group leaders. Andrew, Zach, Luke and I met with Ben and team “Ben’s Beasts” was assembled. After assembling our gear(something that I hadn’t done in a long time,) we boarded the Sea Monkey with the other group, who’s leader was Casey. We had our orientation dive next to George Dog Island, and our dive site was called Bronco Billy because of a rock face on the island. We practiced our skills, and it was an uneventful dive. Then, we headed over next to Great Dog island to dive the chimney. After swimming around the bottom for a few minutes, we conquered the chimney. While going through the chimney area, we saw two French Angelfish and 2 Spotted Morays. We then saw a lizardfish and a huge Porcupine fish. At the end of the dive, we saw a stingray swimming away from us. Overall, 2 great dives.
      After our diving activities were over, we returned to the beach and ate lunch. We snorkeled over to the Baths in some hard rain, but it was over by the time we got to the Baths. We toured the Baths, being led by Beth, and we learned about how they were formed and how they used to be employed by slave traders. Then, we made the long snorkel back to the beach.  We are about to go over our project with Ben and then we will eat dinner and get ready for our day tomorrow.