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Today is the Fourth of July ! While most of the United States citizens are enjoying BBQ and Fireworks, I am here in The British Virgin Islands enjoying the majestic beauty of the tropical islands from a special point of view. The view I refer to is the up close and personal dives that access my classmates and I to the colorful and diverse coral reefs. The coral reefs flourish just below the surface of the sparkling crystal blue water but they are not easily observable from the surface and casual snorkeling does not provide the same experience as our dives. The dives that my classmates and I conduct allow us to interact with the underwater environment. Not many vacationers, visitors of the islands or people in general get to experience coral reefs first hand, that is why this incredible view is so special. 
Diving the coral reefs of the BVI defiantly has not failed so far to leave me in awe as I have been learning many things such as the names of various species, some being fire coral, queen angel fish and even barracuda. It may only be the first day but I believe the rest of this trip will be a success and a very intriguing positive experience that I will remember forever. I plan to take many pictures and share them on this blog! 
Today specifically my classmates and I enjoyed two practice dives along the coast of the BVI in areas such as “The Chimney” and we followed this experience with a snorkeling and hiking tour of the baths. We are tired but exited for more tomorrow. Right now I am currently writing this blog before our first dinner on the island and beach games ! Well I gotta go make my taco ! See you in my next post ! 
Yours truly, 

-Luke Lewis  –