Day 1


Today in the British Virgin Islands we started off the day by doing a practice dive. On this dive we reviewed some basic diving skills as well as did a tour of some smaller reefs. After that dive, we went to a different location and dove in an area called the chimney. It gots it’s name from a rock climbing where to chimney is when your in between two walls and you have a your back to one rock and your feet and hands pressed against the other. They call this place the chimney because it is a tight gap in between two large rocks that was carved out by waves. (It looks like the place where the movie 127 hours took place) After those two dives we went snorkeling to a location called the baths. The baths is what appear to be a bunch of boulders piled on top of each other with air pockets in between them that we climbed through. The Baths were actually formed from one big rock and where waves eroded the rock creating air pockets. The Baths got their name from the time of the slave trade because the ships carrying salves stopped at the Baths and let the slaves bathe for the first time in months. Overall today was a very insightful and fun day in the BVIs.