First Day Reflection 


Today was a wonderful start in the BVI. I would like to first say thank you to the BVI team for being so great and helpful to us all today it really made for a smooth transition into the ocean. We started the day off early waking up at 6:30 to gather all our gear and then headed to the bus to get breakfast. After all that we got to the good stuff we got to venture to the boats to make our way to the dive spot. The boat ride its self was a treat the clear ocean was a giant change from clear springs back home which had only 4 feet visibility compared to our 120 feet today. It was absolutely brilliant, and once we got to the dive site we got in our groups ours was Bens beasts and started to swim. The ocean is amazing we got to see actual animals not just blue gills and bass from Texas but actual cool fish. The first fish I spotted was a small squirrel fish and a few wrasses which were both colorful with bright blues, oranges reds and pinks and yellows it was amazing sight to see. After getting accustomed to swimming in the ocean and getting the correct weights on we got to go to a new dive site called the chimney. The chimney was breathtaking it was two 30 feet walls carved out by years and years of waves. The chimney has been my favorite part so far the reefs and colors and diversity of fish was amazing it was unlike anything I have ever seen no photos or descriptions can explain how utterly beautiful this place is. Once we got through the chimney we swam around mushroom like rock structures and one held a 3 foot porcupine fish it was giant. After that dive we had lunch, Lunch was great had some sandwiches. Then we ended the day with a snorkel trip to the caves. The caves were a true thing of beauty time had made these rocks in to amazing shapes and large open spaces. Overall the first day was amazing the ocean, caves and reefs have been a once in a lifetime moment for me that I will always remember this is truly paradise.