Davis Kepple- Day 1


     Today was the first time I have ever been diving before. It was an incredible experience. I saw way more than I ever expected. Everywhere I looked there were vibrant corals with fish all around them. I saw fish ranging from paper clip sized wrasse to 4 foot snappers. Some specific fish that stood out to me and caught my attention were the porcupine puffer fish, the queen surgeon fish and the spotted moray eels. My dive master, Zoltan, also taught me a few new species I had never heard of before such as the “lizard fish”. One of my favorite parts of the day and an experience I will never forget was diving through a canyon completely filled with many types of corals and fish of all colors.

     Later in the day, we ate lunch on a beautiful beach with crystal clear water. After we ate we snorkeled to the Baths. The baths were huge boulders with water flowing in between some places. It was amazing to see how large the boulders were! We snorkeled for about 30 minutes to and from the place. On the snorkel Harrison and I found a Hermit crab about a foot in diameter. I also saw other very cool creatures such as a flounder and other species that live in the shallows.